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008 – Scot & Susan Westwater – Pragmatic Voice Strategies

Today's podcast episode features Scot and Susan Westwater of Pragmatic Digital. Scot and Susan started their two-person digital consultancy at the end of 2017, combining their extensive experience wearing different hats within digital marketing firms and agencies. The motivation behind starting Pragmatic Digital was the realization that voice technology was following a similar trajectory of… Continue reading 008 – Scot & Susan Westwater – Pragmatic Voice Strategies

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2018 Starts with a Bang

Editor's Note: In my initial post, I mentioned that along with the long-form assessments I've been publishing, I'd also be doing short, topical updates. This is the first of those updates. In the first week of 2018, we saw a handful of significant updates that pertain to various trends converging around ears. Here's a rundown… Continue reading 2018 Starts with a Bang

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A Journey to the Center of the Ear

The Road Starts Here If you examine the past 50 years of user interfaces in computing, what you'll see is that a new one surfaces every 10 years or so. Each of these new interfaces has been an incremental step away from hardware-based interfaces, to ones that are more software-based. From the 1970's - early… Continue reading A Journey to the Center of the Ear

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The Power of Network Effects

Think back to 2007 when the iPhone debuted. If you recall, the device itself was pretty unique - multi-touch touchscreen, completely new user interface, iconic form factor - but, the initial functionality that it provided was not all that different from what existed at that time. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone as, "an iPod, a… Continue reading The Power of Network Effects

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Welcome to FuturEar

Hello and welcome to FuturEar! As the name insinuates, the purpose of this blog is to provide an ongoing account of the rapidly evolving audio landscape. My goal is to help make sense of all the trends that are converging toward the ear and then consider the implications of those progressions. This blog will feature… Continue reading Welcome to FuturEar