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039 – Mark Tucker – Top 5 Takeaways from Alexa Live 2020

This week’s episode of the Future Ear Radio podcast features Mark Tucker, Alexa Champion and Senior Architect, Voice Technology at Last week, Amazon held its virtual event, Alexa Live, to share a variety of new updates coming to the Alexa platform with developers, business leaders and device makers. I was rather busy on the day of the event, but every time I hopped on Twitter, there Mark was, live-tweeting like a mad man for the sake of all of us who could not follow along live.

So, I thought, “who better to break down the most important takeaways than one of the original Alexa champions who followed it as close as anyone?”

That’s what you’ll hear with this episode – Mark’s top five most important and exciting takeaways from this year’s Alexa Live. We go in reverse order too, so that we could really build up the suspense. I hope you enjoy this episode and please reach out on Twitter to share the announcement from Alexa Live that you’re most excited about.

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