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Using Smart Speakers to Engage with Your Customers

Article in HBR By Dave Kemp

Smart speakers are currently the most prevalent hardware for businesses to engage their customers through. 26.2% of American adults have a smart speaker – 66.4 million people – and nearly 30 million people uses their smart speaker daily. This is the beginning of a new era in computing and we’ve never seen a consumer device more rapidly adopted than what we’re seeing with smart speakers.

Teaching Artificial Intelligence the Nuance of Language

Appearance on NPR’s Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

Last week, as I was heading to my hotel for a work trip, I received an email from a corespondent at NPR asking to speak with me about the topic of live-language translation. Speed ahead to the 19 minute mark and you’ll hear the story begin.

The Future of Live Translation Hearables

Quoted in Wareable article by Chris Smith

Dave Kemp runs the blog Future Ear and is business development manager for Oaktree Products – a supplier of clinical supplies and assistive listening devices to the hearing care industry. He believes we’re well on the way to an incredible breakthrough in the language translation space and Google will be the company responsible.

The Future of Hearing Technology

Presentation at SAC Event 2019

I was invited by the organization, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada, to present at its annual conference held in Montreal on the topic of what the future of hearing technology will look like across the 2020’s. My presentation was broken into three portions that all circulated around a central theme: all in-the-ear devices are becoming computerized. Nearly everything is trending toward being a hearable.

Connectivity and Future Hearing Aid Applications

Online Course on AudiologyOnline by Dave Kemp

This course goes through the current state of hearing aid applications and connectivity innovation and explores what’s on the horizon for Bluetooth hearing aids and the expanding use cases that they’ll possibly support.

After this course, participants will be able to describe new features and benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids that stem from the smartphone, describe to their colleagues and business partners the underlying technological trends that are driving the innovation of hearing aids forward, and participants will be able to discuss with business partners and peers the expanding use cases of connected hearing aids and how they can position their professional role properly for the impending berth of new uses for hearing aids.

How On-the-Go Hearables Expand Opportunities w/ Voice

Panel Member at VOICE Summit 2019

We explored the potential of smart headphones, technically advanced, electronic in-ear devices that enable wireless transmissions and communications without being tethered to a plug in the wall.

Moderated by Clair Mitchell. Panel members included Andrew Bellavia, Eric Seay, Andreea Danielescu, Rachel Batish and myself.

Hearables And The Future Of Audible Social Media

Interview on Beetle Moment Marketing Podcast with Emily Binder

Emily and I talked about the evolution of the hearables’ landscape, where the technology is going, and some of the challenges that have to be navigated to get there. They also touched on Flash Briefings and shared the same sentiment about how much potential there is with this new medium, while simultaneously being a bit disappointed by Amazon not giving the Alexa-specific feature more prominence (it should be the star of Amazon’s smart speakers!).

Dave Kemp – The Future of Hearables

Interview on The Artificial Podcast with Nick Myers

In this week’s episode of The Artificial Podcast, Nick chats with Dave about the history and some of the new advances being made in hearable technology. Nick and Dave talk about the rise of the Apple Airpods and the critical role that they play in expanding Voice-First tech into the hearables space. They also touch on Voice-First as a whole and what the future could look like in a world where Voice is ubiquitous in our daily lives.

Voice First Hearables with Dave Kemp

Interview on VoiceFirst Health with Teri Fisher, MD

In this episode, Teri welcomes Dave Kemp, a leader in the intersection between voice first technology and hearables. He is part of a company called Oak Tree Products and they provide medical supplies and devices to the hearing technology industry. He also has a blog called where he documents the rapid technological breakthroughs that are occurring in the hearables niche, including biometric sensors and voice assistants that are being incorporated into the hearable devices.

The Best of the First 100 Episodes – Voicebot Podcast

Appearance on Voicebot Podcast

I was fortunate to be asked by the Voicebot podcast host, Bret Kinsella, to join him, Amy Stapleton and Pete Haas on the podcast to help review some of the most memorable interviews and moments that transpired on the Voicebot podcast across the first 100 episodes.

This Week In Voice, Season 2 Episode 5

Appearance on This Week In Voice

An all-star duo (Dave Kemp, Business Development Manager for Oaktree Products, and Sarah Storm, Head of Cloud Studio for SpokenLayer) discuss the latest in voice technology news, including the New York Times piece about how we’re living in Alexa’s world, a potential smart speaker from Spotify, the next generation of voice-first marketers, satire about a man marrying Alexa, and the announcement of The Voice of Healthcare Summit, taking place Tuesday, August 7, in Boston, Massachusetts ( Hosted by Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and part of the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network.

The Role of Hearables in a VoiceFirst World

Presentation at the Alexa Conference 2019

This year, I was really fortunate to have the opportunity to present on the research I’ve been compiling and writing about around why I believe hearables play a critical role in a VoiceFirst future. I went from sitting in a chair, watching and admiring people like Brian, Bret and Katie McMahon share their expertise last year, to being able to share some of my own knowledge this year to those same people, which was one of the coolest moments in my professional career.

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