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Beetle Moment Marketing Podcast Appearance (Future Ear Daily Update 8-13-19)

8-13-19 - Beetle moment

One of the best things about attending the Voice Summit was meeting so many sharp people working in and around the voice space. One of the people I was fortunate to meet and spend some time with was Emily Binder, founder of Beetle Moment Marketing. Emily’s marketing firm specializes in helping brands differentiate by leveraging emerging technologies, which includes all things voice.

She has an impressive portfolio of work, which includes the creation and management of Josh Brown and Ritzholtz Wealth Management’s flash briefing, “Market Moment” and Alexa skill/mini podcast, “The Compound Show.” (Josh, aka The Reformed Broker, is one of the most popular internet figures in the finance world, with over a million twitter followers). This is just one example of the type of work that she does on a regular basis for all types of clients.

Emily approached me at the Voice Summit about coming on her podcast to record an episode centered around hearables, which we recorded last week. It was a quick, 18-minute discussion about the evolution of the hearables’ landscape, where the technology is going, and some of the challenges that have to be navigated to get there. We also touched on Flash Briefings and shared the same sentiment about how much potential there is with this new medium, while simultaneously being a bit disappointed by Amazon not giving the Alexa-specific feature more prominence (it should be the star of Amazon’s smart speakers!).

Check out the episode, and be sure to engage on Twitter to let me know what you think!

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