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021 – Liz Fuemmeler – Life as a Recent Audiology Graduate

The next episode of the Future Ear Radio podcast features Liz Fuemmeler, Audiologist and former head of the Student Academy of Audiology. Liz graduated from Purdue’s school of Audiology in 2019 and joined on at Hearing and Balance Specialists of Kansas City as a Vestibular specialist not long after. From the onset of the Future Ear Radio podcast, one of the types of guest that I’ve wanted to bring on has been a recent graduate of Audiology who is at the beginning of their Audiology career, so, it was great to have Liz on the podcast to discuss her experience transitioning from grad school into her first Audiology job.

Throughout this conversation, we talk about how Liz found her new job, what life is like working at a private practice, why she decided to pursue Vestibular Audiology, some of the major takeaways she’s had transitioning from school to work, and her perspective of the future of the profession. It was a fantastic discussion that really allowed me to better understand the realities that young professionals in this industry face and get a sense of how someone like Liz views her future prospects. I hope that this discussion resonates with young professionals of all types, especially aspiring audiologists.

For me personally, after having the chance to speak with Liz, Mark Truong and a whole bunch of other young Audiology professionals, I think it’s safe to say that the future of the Audiology profession is in good hands.

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