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New Nick Hunn Article (Future Ear Daily Update 10-3-19)

10-3-19 - New Nick Hunn Article

Today, Nick Hunn, the analyst who coined the term “hearable” five years ago, has released a new article on the significance of Echo Buds to the hearables market. Nick doesn’t publish new articles very often, and when he does, they tend to be packed with a ton of insight and knowledge, so this is once again a must read. Read his article here.

One quote that really stands out to me:

“Finally, we must not forget hearing aids. A growing percentage now include Bluetooth, and that will rise as the new Bluetooth standard appears. Over the next few years they’re also likely to benefit from the explosion of hearables, which will gradually reduce the stigma of wearing a hearing aid. That’s currently one of the biggest constraints for hearing aid manufacturers, with only around 10% of people with hearing loss wearing a hearing aid. Even small incremental gains in sales will be significant, as hearing aids carry a higher price tag.” – Nick Hunn

This is at the core of what FuturEar has been about – helping to shed a light on these, “benefits from the explosion of hearables.” Just as Nick pointed out, this is so important to consider because as Bluetooth hearing aids become more capable from the functionality stemming from consumer hearables, it helps to combat the stigma that typically surrounds hearing aids. The hope is that by reducing the stigma to a certain extent will ultimately drive higher hearing aid adoption.

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