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Introducing The Future Ear Roundtable (Future Ear Daily Update 7-15-19)

The Future Ear Roundtable

Today I am excited to announce a new aspect of Future Ear Radio called “The Future Ear Roundtable.” It’s a separate skill/action that needs to be enabled, but the concept is for the Future Ear Roundtable to serve as a companion to my daily Future Ear Radio flash briefing, where I can engage with Future Ear Radio listeners. I recorded a video to help illustrate what exactly it is that I’m launching and how one can participate:

Essentially, Future Ear Roundtable is my Alexa/Google-enabled version of, “let’s take some callers.” While it has been awesome uploading a daily flash briefing, it’s still a one-way street of communication. That’s what makes this companion skill so exciting to me is that I can now let the Future Ear Radio listeners not only engage with me, but potentially even engage with each other. For example, you might launch Future Ear Roundtable, hear my question along with the 3 responses that have already been published, and rather than respond to my question directly, you choose to more-so respond to one of the fellow respondents. That’s what I really want with this… to have a community of listeners sharing and engaging with one another.

To join in on the fun, simply:

  1. Enable the Future Ear Roundtable Alexa Skill or Google Action
  2. “Alexa/Google, launch The Future Ear Roundtable” to hear this week’s question
  3. Download the Castlingo app
  4. Use Castlingo to record your response to this week’s question and then publish it on the Future Ear Roundtable channel (see image below)
The Future Ear Roundtable Channel hosted inside the Castlingo app

It’s that easy! I’m going to leave up the AirPods question that I originally posted for the next few days, but will be sharing on Twitter once I have updated the question and then will likely update the question on a specific day and time each week and standardize it as a weekly cadence. Hope to hear all your awesome responses on The Future Ear Roundtable!

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To listen to the broadcast on your Alexa device, enable the skill here

To add to you flash briefing, click here

To listen on your Google Assistant device, enable the skill here 

and then say, “Alexa/Ok Google, launch Future Ear Radio.”

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