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“Voicebot First 100” Dave Joins the Voicebot Podcast for Episode 105 (Future Ear Daily Update 7-16-19)

7-16-19 - Voicebot First 100

A few weeks back, I was fortunate to be asked by the Voicebot podcast host, Bret Kinsella, to join him, Amy Stapleton and Pete Haas on the podcast to help review some of the most memorable interviews and moments that transpired on the Voicebot podcast across the first 100 episodes. The episode was recently published on all major podcasting platforms.

Amy co-founded the company Tellables, which is a studio that creates interactive story games designed to be told by voice assistants, and prior to Tellables, she worked at NASA for 14 years (so cool). Pete is a long time developer who worked in design and developer roles throughout the various phases of computing, as a web developer, then a mobile developer, and now a voice developer, having created more than 200 voice experiences in the past few years (also very cool). Needless to say, I was in pretty good company!

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After recording our 90 minute chat, here are a few of my big takeaways from the first 100 episodes of the Voicebot podcast:

  1. What a time we live in where you can hear inventors speak candidly about the technology they’re ushering in, such as Adam Cheyer, one of the original founders of Siri. Can you imagine being able to listen to Einstein, Eddison, Ford, etc back in their heyday talk about what they’re working on?
  2. Along the same vein, it’s incredibly impressive the type of access that Bret is getting to leaders within the various companies he interviews. To Amy’s point during our chat, Bret does a great job ferreting out information, and from leaders within organizations that haven’t historically been too transparent, such as Amazon. It’s really valuable as a listener and an awesome resource for business development.
  3. The three episodes I picked as my favorites were the episodes with Amir Hirsh of Audioburst, Vijay Balasubramanyan of Pindrop Security, and Adam Cheyer – co-founder of Siri and Viv Labs (Samsung Bixby 2.0). I view the areas that all three of these companies are working in to be “big ideas” and each area as paramount to the future of voice technology’s success and proliferation.
  4. I love the compilation episodes that the Voicebot team conducts because they often serve as a “teaser” to future, full-length interviews from companies that were originally surfaced in the compilation episodes.

I hope you enjoy the discussion. It was certainly enjoyable to get called up to the big leagues and go on a podcast that I listen to so frequently and find so much value in.

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