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Introducing Future Ear Radio


When I first started this blog back in 2017, my whole goal was to establish some of the macro-trends that were converging around the ear. Smart assistant integration, biometric monitoring, live-language translation, the breakthroughs transpiring inside the devices, and all the other topics that I touched on across the first 20 posts on this blog.

During this initial phase of FuturEar, all of these trends were sort of incubating, so in my mind, it made sense to write from a macro-level to paint the big picture of where things were headed. I wrote posts around concepts like network effects and jobs-to-be-done to help frame how these trends would evolve. The purpose for the first stage of FuturEar was to create a foundation of concepts that I could later begin layering on updates of the progress around each area, once the trends began to mature.

Over the past 18 months, the transition from “dumb” to “smart” ear-worn devices has gradually accelerated and, alongside it, we’ve seen the emergence and maturation of all kinds of exciting new use cases that our hearables will support. Now that things are rapidly advancing with both the hardware and the software (use cases), it seems that it’s time to transition from a macro-style blog with long-form posts, to a more micro-style blog, with shorter, daily posts. Which brings me to FuturEar Radio.

FuturEar Goes Micro

In a two-part post I wrote for Voicebot.ai, I detailed out why I believe we’re on the cusp of a, “Cambrian explosion of audio content.” One of the biggest takeaways from the mobile computing era was that it democratized content creation. The vast majority of us have a super computer in our pockets capable of capturing, uploading and sharing content via Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. We’re starting to see the same type of building blocks and easy-to-use, free tools for audio content creation emerge. So, I’m going to join in on the fun and start creating audio content on my own.

Each day, Monday-Friday, I’ll be using Castlingo to upload a 77-second Flash Briefing called “Future Ear Radio.” This will be me surfacing and highlighting the most interesting thing I found on the internet for the day that pertains to all the different trends that have been established on FuturEar. To access my casts, simply go into your Alexa or Google Assistant app and enabled “Future Ear Radio”…add it to your Flash Briefing too so that it blends into your day seamlessly! To add it to your Flash Briefing, search for Future Ear Flash Briefing or ask your assistant to add it your Flash Briefing for you.

Also, to go along with the flash briefing, I’ll be publishing a short blog post in tandem with each broadcast, so that there will be a textual and audio element to each day’s news.

This is my first foray into audio content creation and I wanted to use a broad title like “Future Ear Radio” because I think down the line I’ll want to create other types of audio content that fit under the Future Ear Radio umbrella. Stay tuned on that front and for now, go check out my debut broadcast!

I look forward to having you follow along with me into this next stage of FututEar. Now that all the trends converging around the ear are starting to really ramp up, so too will the blog. This should be fun.

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