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Future Ear Daily Update: 3-11-19

Advanced Bionics’ Cochlear Implant to Use Sonova’s SWORD chip

Advanced Bionics new Nadia CI Connect cochlear implant will have universal Bluetooth streaming capabilities thanks to the Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital (SWORD) chip. Sonova is in the process of implementing SWORD into all the new devices under its umbrella, including all the new Phonak hearing aids, such as the Phonak Marvel.

Bluetooth hearing aids have been around since 2014 when Resound introduced the Linx, but it’s only recently since we began seeing more universally compatible hearing aids that work with non-Apple handsets. That same trend now applies to cochlear implants too. The Nadia CI Connect represents the first universally compatible cochlear implant processor with direct streaming to any type of smartphone. While Cochlear’s Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is made-for-iPhone compatible, it requires an additional accessory, the True Wireless Phone Clip, for Android streaming.

Slowly but surely, universal, direct Bluetooth streaming from one’s hearing aids or cochlear implants to any type of smartphone is becoming a key, standard capability.

To listen to the broadcast with your Alexa device, enable the skill here: https://www.amazon.com/Witlingo-Future-Ear-Radio/dp/B07PL9X5WK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=future+ear+radio&qid=1552337687&s=digital-skills&sr=1-1-catcorr

and then say, “Alexa, launch Future Ear Radio.”

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