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037 – Carl Thomas & Andy Bellavia – “Hearables Aren’t the Thing… They’re What Give You Access to THE Thing”

Today’s episode of the Future Ear Radio podcast features hearables experts and returning guests, Andy Bellavia (episodes 3, 4, 28, 32, 35) and Carl Thomas (episode 16). Our discussion today builds on top of the conversation that Carl and I had in episode 16, Hearables as a Platform. During episode 16, Carl and I explored the core idea that Carl championed in an epic 2019 tweetstorm – “hearables aren’t the thing…they’re what give you access to THE thing.”

Carl’s quote is a riff off of an iconic scene in the AMC TV show, Halt & Catch Fire, which is set in the early 80’s during the PC revolution and spans ten years into the dawn of the internet. During said scene, the main character, Joe McMillan, is pitching the concept to investors that personal computers will one day give rise to something much bigger, alluding to the impending emergence of the internet.

So, if hearables are a gateway to something bigger, as computers were ultimately a portal to the internet… then what will hearables open the door to? That’s the question the three of us explore today.

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