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Guest Appearance – Voicebot Podcast with Andy Bellavia and Bret Kinsella: Hearables + Voice

Last week, I joined Bret Kinsella and Andy Bellavia on the Voicebot podcast to talk about hearables and why they’re suddenly emerging as such an important facet of voice technology. Our conversation touched on everything from how companies are improving battery life to facilitate longer usage, to which companies are best poised to succeed in the hearables era, why Apple’s AirPods are such a solid offering from a technical standpoint, and the types of use cases that we’ll see with VoiceFirst hearables.

The episode was released late last night and is now available on all podcast platforms to listen to:

Considering that I’ve been listening to Voicebot for about three years and have used this podcast as one of the main sources to educate myself on the entire voice ecosystem, it was incredibly gratifying to get the chance to go on the show and do a full episode on the topics I know best. To get to do this podcast with my friend Andy, who’s as knowledgeable as anyone about hearables, was just icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy this conversation and please feel free to provide any feedback that you have through Twitter and LinkedIn.

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