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Guest Appearance: #AllThingsAuD (Future Ear Daily Update 10-25-19)

10-25-19 - All Things AuD

Yesterday, I joined Dr. Natalie Phillips and Dr. Hannah Galloway for their weekly Facebook Live show, All Things AuD. The show is designed to share all kinds of information that is relevant to audiologists and hearing care patients. Each week they bring on a guest and they asked me to come on and speak about some of the various facets of voice technology.

We had a great conversation, touching on everything from how voice applications can be implemented into a hearing care practice, the growing smart speaker market and the older adults’ proclivity toward this technology, and also how voice assistants are gradually becoming integrated into hearing aids.

Check out our full conversation in the video below:

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  1. Thank you SO much for spending time with us and for sharing your expertise!!! We LOVED this episode!

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