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Webinar: Podcasting in the Age of Voice (Future Ear Daily Update 8-20-19)

8-20-19 - webinar-podcasting

Today, I will be joining a group of podcasters and micro-casters to present a webinar titled, “Podcasting in the Age of Voice.” The premise of this webinar is to shed a light on how voice assistants and the hardware they’re housed in add a new dynamic to audio content creation and consumption. Smart speakers and displays, connected cars, and hearables all provide new avenues to reach one’s target audience, while podcasting and microcasts (or flash briefings) present the perfect type of content for these audio-based devices.

The hosts of the webinar: Brielle, Susan and Scot

The panel is being co-hosted by the folks at Witlingo and Scot and Susan Westwater of Pragmatic Digital. I will be joined by fellow panelists, Dr. Sirish Kondabolu and Gordon Collier. Sirish is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Co-Founder of Medicine ReMixed, a digital media company focused on podcasting and Voice technology. He’s currently working on patient education applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Gordon is the CEO of Pipeline Search Solutions, an Executive Search Firm based in Richmond, VA. He’s also the founder and host of the My Career Fit podcast, which is now the first job search assistant available on Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The panelists: myself, Gordon and Sirish

During the webinar, we’ll go through ways in which we are using tools like Witlingo’s Castlingo and Buildlingo to support the production side of our new endeavors. I personally will be touching on how I use my flash briefing to serve as a companion, promotional vehicle for my daily blog updates, while the other two panelists will illustrate how they’re utilizing their Alexa skills, Google actions, podcasts and/or microcasts. Ultimately, we’ll be sharing all our learnings from experimenting with these new mediums.

To sign up for the webinar (noon EST), click here. It should be a great hour presentation and if you can’t make it live today, no worries as we’ll be sending out a link to the recording later on.

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