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Voice of the Flash Briefing (Future Ear Daily Update 6-17-19)

A Powerhouse Lineup

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This October, I will be joining 9 other flash briefing creators to share what we have learned around all things micro-casting. For those who might not be familiar with Flash Briefings, they’re essentially short-form podcasts that typically range anywhere from 1-7 minutes. During The Voice of the Flash Briefing online event, the 10 of us, along with the host, Bradley Metrock, will present on how we utilize our flash briefing and what we our key takeaways are from experimenting with this new medium. The other panelists include:

  1. Dr. Teri FisherVoice in Canada – Teri has a daily flash briefing that he uses in conjunction with his podcasts (Alexa in Canada & Voice First Health) centered around Alexa usage in Canada and Alexa + healthcare. Along with his expertise around these two topics, he’s also a wealth of knowledge on setting up and implementing a flash briefing and has set up a free online course to set one up.
  2. Emily BinderDaily Beetle Moment – Emily provides daily tips and info around all things voice marketing, podcasting, smart assistants, etc. She does a great job weaving business insight into her flash briefing and making the case for why any and all businesses need to begin thinking about how to begin migrating portions of their marketing to voice-enabled services.
  3. Daniel HillInstagram Stories – Daniel’s flash is entirely geared around Instagram and how to most effectively use the app. Daniel provides daily insights around new features and developments, teasing out upcoming features in order to prepare for, and shares how people are leveraging various aspects of Instagram for their personal or businesses’ benefit.
  4. Jen LehnerFront Row Entrepeneur – Jen’s flash briefing covers all things social media, productivity, digital marketing and online business. She maintains a 5 star review across 86 reviews on Amazon, making her flash briefing one of the highest rated ones out there.
  5. Suze Cooper (Keynote) – Social Days – Suze’s company, Big Tent Media, helps small businesses tell their stories online through the creation of websites and social media. Her flash briefing, Social Days, provides listeners with a quick rundown of what “special day of the year it is” such as “#Superhero Day” so that marketers can stay on top of what’s trending in an effort to keep their content fresh.
  6. Janice Mandel –  VOICE Daily Briefing – Janice is the programming and content director for the upcoming VOICE summit in July (where I will be speaking), and uses the VOICE Summit flash briefing to share updates around the conference as it all comes together.
  7. Peter StewartThe Smart Speakers Daily – Peter is an award-winning BBC broadcaster and his flash briefing features news about everything from recently released features and functions of smart speakers to voice branding your own personality to voice-oriented sales strategy. He routinely provides fresh insights into all things voice first.
  8. Adrian SimpleThe Gaming Observer – Adrian’s flash briefing shares daily updates on the world of gaming, including news around upcoming titles, in-game updates, and tips & tricks for some of the most popular games. His flash briefing has boasts a 5 star rating across 183 customer reviews, showing that he’s been at this for a while and has clearly found a recipe for success.
  9. Armel BeaudryTrebble.fm – Armel is the founder and CEO of trebble.fm: Trebble FM lets you stay up-to-date with all the topics you care about by listening to shortcasts (1 to 2-minute podcasts) from your favorite sources. Listen on your phone or any voice-enabled speakers with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This should be a pretty awesome event. It’s a free, online event, so for anyone that’s even remotely interested in learning more about this new form of content creation or would like to set up their own, I highly encourage them to attend.

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