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Future Ear Daily Update: 3-19-19

Houndify Continues to Expand Its Automotive Presence with Nvidia Partnership

(Photo: Business Wire)

Nvidia announced a lot of really interesting developments at its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) yesterday. Nvidia manufacturers graphics processing units that were initially purposed for gaming, but have recently been re-purposed for all different types of AI applications. Nvidia unveiled that Amazon’s AWS would be using its T4-data center chips, a partnership with Toyota to support its autonomous vehicle program, and most notably for the voice ecosystem, a partnership with Houndify.

Houndify will be integrating with Nvidia’s new Drive IX platform, which will allow for the software to run on a GPU both in the cloud and the edge with low-latency. This means that certain queries can be fielded quickly without an internet connection, such as navigation, window and temperature control, and controlling the radio.

Here’s what Danny Shapiro, senior director of automotive at Nvidia had to say in the Business Wire press release: “SoundHound’s innovative solution on our open DRIVE IX platform will allow carmakers to offer systems that have an enormous vocabulary, understand a wide range of topics, and respond conversationally.”

This is a really significant partnership for Houndify, as it will be taken along wherever the Drive IX platform is implemented to serve as the “voice” layer of the platform that allows riders to converse with their car. The two technologies complement each other nicely, as Drive IX is used to assist and help protect the driver and passengers while driving, while Houndify is the interface to accessing any information needed in a hands-free way. I would imagine that this combined solution is going to be appealing to many auto OEMs.

Houndify currently partners with Mercedes-Benz, Groupe PSA, Hyundai and Honda, so this partnership should help the company spread its voice technology into more vehicles and cement its status as the leading voice technology supplier to the automotive industry.

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