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025 – Keri Roberts – Takeaways from 100+ Voice Technology Podcast Interviews

The next episode of the Future Ear Radio podcast features Keri Roberts, Brand and Content Strategist and Host of the Inside VOICE podcast. To commemorate my 25th episode, I thought it would be cool to bring someone on the podcast who’s gone well beyond 25 episodes, and into triple digits. Keri joined on with Pete Erickson and the Modev team (who host the Voice Summit) to host the Inside VOICE podcast last April and since then has conducted more than 100 podcast interviews. So, for today’s episode, I sat down with Keri to talk through some of her main takeaways from a variety of her guests, rapid-fire style.

Mentioned in this episode are Patrick Givens and Claire Mitchell of VaynerMedia, Ilan Ganesamurthy (Alexa Champion from India), Kane Simms (Host of VUX World Podcast), Maaike Coppens (conversational designer), Joan Bajorek (Creator of WomenInVoice), Kiki (creator of Black History Everyday flash briefing), Bret Kinsella (host of the Voicebot podcast), and Anna Pugh (audiologist).

Cheers to the first 25 episodes of the Future Ear Radio podcast and here’s to the next 25! Thanks to all of you who have read, listened and supported me and my work in so many different ways. I appreciate all of you more than you know!

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