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Podcast: Bradley Metrock – Project Voice (Future Ear Daily Update 12-5-19)

Today’s episode of the Future Ear Podcast features Bradley Metrock, CEO of Score Publishing and the head of the VoiceFirst Event circuit. In January, Bradley and his team will be holding the capstone of their conference circuit, Project Voice, where more than 3,000 voice enthusiasts from 20 different countries will gather in Chattanooga, TN to convene around the state of voice technology.

During our episode, we talk through the genesis of Project Voice, how it has grown into what it is today, and what we can expect at January’s event:

The event will be chock-full of executives, marketers, developers, designers, strategists, consultants, VCs, media, and analysts, along with reps from major companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung, and many others. It’s one big hodgepodge of folks working in and around voice, as well as those who are simply interested in learning more about this burgeoning field of technology.

What makes Project Voice so unique and cool is that while there’s a large presence from the major platform players (such as Amazon), there’s an indie-vibe to it too. You feel as if you’re getting the ground-truth from people who are working in the trenches. There’s very little fluff and a lot of candid discussion about the challenges that people are encountering when building or designing around the technology. This type of open candor facilitates a lot of really interesting discussion that’s had right out in the open during the various panels and workshops that populate each day’s agenda. In other words, you learn a lot and what you learn is the truth.

I’m often asked how I’ve become so involved with the voice technology scene and the answer can largely be traced back to Bradley and his conferences, and the community that he’s helped to foster. I attended the Alexa Conference the last two years (back before it was re-branded to Project Voice), and look forward to making the trek out to Chattanooga again this year for round three. Along with gaining a much better understanding of the state of the technology, Project Voice offers an awesome avenue into the voice community, with tons of networking opportunities.

So, regardless of your background, role or industry, if this sounds like an event you’d be interested in attending and can attend, feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to put you in direct contact with Bradley. Its sure to be an awesome event this year and a great way to kick off 2020.

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