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Podcast: Katherine Prescott – The Multimodal Growth Story (Future Ear Daily Update 11-20-19)

I’m very excited to announce the *official* launch of the Future Ear Radio podcast. I have been playing around with podcasting for a week now and published a few trial episodes, but now that I’ve gotten my bearings, I’m ready to officially take on podcasting. The Future Ear Radio podcast will be 15-20 minute discussions between an expert and I, on one specific topic per episode that pertains to the various developments I cover with Future Ear.

For my first episode, I figured I needed to get an all-star, so I went out and got Voicebrew’s Katherine Prescott to join me for the inaugural episode. The topic we decided on was the booming growth of the smart display category of smart speakers:

Source: Canalys Smart Speaker Analysis November 2019

As the chart shows, smart speakers with displays are really beginning to take off in the US and Globally (China in particular). Both Amazon and Googles’ multimodal smart speakers comprised roughly 20% of each companies shipments this past quarter, with the star of the show being Amazon’s Echo Show 5.

Amazon’s 5 inch smart display, the Echo Show 5, comprised 16% of Amazon’s 10.4 million total smart speaker shipments, representing about 1.6 million devices. That’s a whole lot of people who can now interact with their smart speakers in a totally different way with the addition of a screen. As Katherine and I discuss, this allows for a whole lot of new possibilities for developers to build use cases that are not conducive to traditional smart speakers.

Katherine and I’s conversation is part one of two, and the second half will be released tomorrow. So, take a listen and please reach out to me on Twitter or through the blog with any feedback that you might have about the blog. If you like it, maybe even consider leaving a review! That way, more people might stumble across it and you can help me to grow Future Ear’s presence.

Also, for those of you who have been listening to the Future Ear flash briefing, just know that the flash briefing will continue on and serve as a preview to each day’s blog post and podcast episode.

-Thanks for Reading & Listening

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