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SonicCloud’s New Capability: Mobile Streaming (Future Ear Daily Update 11-13-19)

Last week, I wrote an update about the company SonicCloud and how I became familiar with the company and its mission through executive, Larry Guterman. As I mentioned in my previous update, SonicCloud builds software solutions designed for any type of headphone or Bluetooth audio device, tailored to folks with hearing loss. These solutions cater to some of the more, non-ambient use cases that we use our ears for each day, such as phone calls.

Through SonicCloud, users can create their own sound profile through the app’s hearing assessment, which was developed in conjunction with experts in audiology and neuroscience. Additionally, as I wrote about in the previous update, SonicCloud has integrated with Apple Health to allow users to import their audiogram’s issued by their hearing care provider, directly into SonicCloud in lieu of the app’s hearing assessment.

(I should note that “hearing” is a brand new Apple Health category, meaning that importing and exporting audiograms to and from Apple Health will take time to roll out.)

SonicCloud continues to roll out new features, with the newest being the ability to stream music, podcasts, news and sports through its mobile apps (iOS & Google). This is huge, as the mobile app was previously limited to phone calls. Mobile streaming dramatically expands the number of audio types in which one can layer their SonicCloud sound profile on top of, personalizing more of each user’s digital acoustic environment.

This new feature dramatically expands the types of audio content that can be personalized to one’s hearing profile

As Larry points out in his tweet, SonicCloud’s Mac desktop app has provided the ability to stream audio for some time, but streaming is brand new within the mobile app. These two recent developments from SonicCloud – the Apple Health integration/ability to import audiograms and mobile streaming – make for a powerful combination.

Not sure I could have said it any better than the coolest Audiologist on the tweeter himself

In last week’s update, I wrote: “As I become more familiar with SonicCloud, it’s finally dawned on me what the company is effectively building: ‘a hearing aid for your digital environment.'” What’s more, hearing aid wearers can import their audiogram from Apple Health into SonicCloud to create consistency between the custom sound being filtered through their hearing aids and the audio devices they’re using to stream calls and audio content through secondary audio devices (i.e. headphones) via the SonicCloud app.

A second hearing aid, indeed.

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