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Upcoming Webinar On AudiologyOnline (Future Ear Daily Update 10-30-19)

10-30-19 - Upcoming Webinar

This Friday, I will be presenting a 60 minute webinar titled, “The Technological Evolution of Today’s Hearing Aids,” on the continuing education site, AudiologyOnline. While it’s a presentation intended for hearing care professionals, it’s free to sign up for and can be attended by anyone. This presentation will ultimately be a culmination of everything I’ve researched, learned and written about on Future Ear since this time last year, boiled down into one coherent story. Sort of like the Future Ear version of a Super Bowl.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 5.45.05 PM
Last Year’s Presentation on AudiologyOnline

Last year, I presented on this topic for the first time after compiling my first year’s worth of Future Ear research into one presentation, and was met with a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from the hearing care professional community. It was such a great experience that I more-or-less doubled down on Future Ear this year with the launch of The Daily Update, so that the folks who had found my content interesting and helpful, would have more frequent content to consume. The Daily Update has also really helped me to determine what needs to be highlighted in the presentation and what can be omitted.

My presentation operates on the assumption that most hearing care professionals might be too busy to stay abreast with everything that’s happening in the consumer technology space, on top of having to also stay well-informed on what’s happening inside their industry. So, similar to my goal with Future Ear as a whole, this presentation is intended to serve as a way to get up-to-date in terms of how today’s hearing aids are evolving, the new use cases that they’re beginning to support, and the broader trends that these devices will impact. Throughout my talk, I’ll be factoring in the professional’s role as the devices evolve and how the professional can use these new aspects of the devices to their advantage.

I hope to see you there or Friday, and if not, no worries, as a downloadable version will be available after the talk that I’ll share too.

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