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“The Future of Hearables” My Podcast Episode with Nick Myers (Future Ear Daily Update 7-8-19)

7-8-19 - The Future of Hearables

I recently joined Nick Myers, CEO of Redfox AI, on his podcast “The Artificial Podcast” to discuss the future of hearable technology. You can check out our discussion in the link below or in any of the following podcasting platforms (Apple podcasts, Breaker, Google podcasts, Spotify, Overcast).

Here’s a few of the highlights of what we talked about:

  • How I get immersed in the VoiceFirst world, which stemmed from the emergence of Bluetooth hearing aids and the ways they can support new use cases
  • The bullish case for Smart Assistant-enabled hearing aids
  • The rise of AirPods – why they succeeded when previous, more ambitious hearables failed initially
    • Apple’s near-field VoiceFirst play and why AirPods are so critical to the company’s future
  • The new norm of wearing ear-worn devices for extended periods of time
  • The two phases of FuturEar.co and my motivation behind launching Future Ear Radio and the daily blog post
  • Conversational smart assistants and opening the app economy up to our assistants
    • The next phase of VoiceFirst and where we really start to see Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby become “assistants”
  • Why the blend of assistants, the Voice User Interface and the IoT is going to be so critical to our aging population in the US
  • The increasing ease of conducing audio and why flash briefings and podcasting will continue to explode in popularity

I hope you enjoy the conversation! Feel free to engage with Nick and I on Twitter about our conversation and if there are particular portions of the conversation that resonate with you, be sure to let us know!

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To listen to the broadcast on your Alexa device, enable the skill here

To add to you flash briefing, click here

To listen on your Google Assistant device, enable the skill here 

and then say, “Alexa/Ok Google, launch Future Ear Radio.”

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