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New Post on Voicebot.ai (Future Ear Daily Update 5-28-19)

Empowering Our Aging Population with Voice Assistant Enabled Hearing Aids


I published an article for Voicebot.ai late Friday afternoon around the evolution of hearing aids and how they’re beginning to serve as a home to voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google. This is a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about for a while now, as it was what led me to finding the #VoiceFirst community after I began to realize that hearing aids’ Bluetooth connectivity would open the door to a multitude of new features and use cases.

I believe that this aspect to hearing aids will not only be appealing, but also empowering, especially to the cohort who is most susceptible to hearing loss – our older adults due to age-related hearing loss. There are a number of potential reasons why hearing aid adoption has historically been as low as it has (price & stigma to name a few), but ultimately, the consumer is not seeing enough value in the devices to compel them to purchase, which is why the hearing aid sales cycle tends to be around 7 years. As hearing aids begin to experience their “iPhone moment” as a product category, by truly becoming computerized, the hope is that the value proposition will only get stronger, and therefore more compelling.

Link to article: https://voicebot.ai/2019/05/24/empowering-our-aging-population-with-voice-assistant-enabled-hearing-aids/

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