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Future Ear Daily Update: 4-8-19

Voice XP’s Voice Experience Platform

VoiceXP - Voice Experience®

I recently caught up with Bob Stolzberg, CEO of Voice XP and fellow St. Louis native, to chat about the new platform Bob and his team have been working on the past few years. Voice XP is a full-service voice firm that works with companies all of sizes, ranging from small businesses to enterprise level businesses. Bob walked me through the soon-to-be-released Voice Experience Platform, and it’s evident to me that what they’ve built is going to be a big deal.

Any time the paradigm changes in computing, one of the most important aspects to the new paradigm’s maturation is the tool-set that enables the full spectrum of businesses to begin migrating portions of their digital presence to the new paradigm. The internet matured and became more useful as it became easier for businesses to build websites, expose people to their websites and offerings through search engines, and then share those findings with their networks as social media emerged. Mobile computing flourished as the app-economy boomed, and businesses were able to house their offerings through a variety of apps, while also being able to engage with their potential customers through more effective ad-targeting through companies like Facebook and Google.

Now that the paradigm is changing once again to a more ambient, decentralized internet with a voice-based user interface, the tool-sets to enable companies to adapt to this paradigm shift are as important as ever. The Voice Experience Platform allows for companies to create their very own Alexa skills and Google actions in a matter of minutes. This type of platform has the power to provide virtually any small business with an easy-to-use tool to create a voice experience. The platform guides you through the skill creation process, from the skill/action name and invocation phrase, to uploading audio, image and video files to be used within the skill for a multi-modal experience. The platform also provides a lead generation option if businesses want to send customers an SMS with coupons or notifications of various offers. In essence, the platform completely simplifies the process of creating a voice experience.

According to Voicebot.ai’s Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption report from March 2019, 66.4 million U.S. adults own a smart speaker, comprising 26.2 % of the US adult population. The audience, or the demand, is there for companies to begin interacting with via voice. Tools like the Voice Experience Platform should help out with the supply side. The importance of tools was essentially the backbone of the two-part (pt 1; pt 2) Voicebot article I wrote about the impending, “Cambrian Explosion of Audio Content.” The incentive for businesses to begin migrating their digital presence to a voice & audio experience, continues to grow as the user base swells. The tool-sets are emerging to better support the supply side, whether that be with creating podcasts, flash briefings, skills, actions, and all the other audio-based content and experiences that businesses can more easily generate, thanks to tools like Voice XP’s new platform.

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