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016 – Carl Thomas – Hearables-as-a-Platform

The next episode of the Future Ear Podcast features Carl Thomas, Founding Director at Audiowings. Along with launching wearable company, Audiowings, Carl also founded Wearables London seven years ago, which brings industry thought leaders and executives together. As someone who has a long history working in the wearables industry, I figured Carl would be a… Continue reading 016 – Carl Thomas – Hearables-as-a-Platform

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010 – Ryan Kraudel – Biometric Sensors + Hearables

Today's episode of the podcast features, Ryan Kraudel, VP of Marketing at Valencell. Valencell manufacturers optical-based, PPG (photoplethysmogram) sensors that are designed to be integrated into a variety of wearables, consumer hearables and hearing aids. If you've ever used an Apple Watch before and noticed the blinking green light on the underside of the device,… Continue reading 010 – Ryan Kraudel – Biometric Sensors + Hearables